Expect More

We believe sellers should Expect More from their Real Estate selling experience. When homeowners choose to sell with SKYLIFE Team, we ensure

Team Experience & Expertise

  • Evaluating your property as a Team
  • Highlighting property Features & Market positioning.
  • Suggesting& determining the perfect sale Price
  • Our goal: maximize your returns

Signature Services

  • Complete Home Staging Services
  • Our total Redesign model [Making buyers fall in-love]
  • SKYLIFE Signature Home Staging
  • Professional Cleaning
  • Assisted SKYLIFE Team Renovations or fix-ups.

Presentation & Staging

  • Full 1080P HDR Photography
  • Complete Listing Virtual Tours
  • Print Media: Flyers, Brochures, ADS

Premium Marketing

  • Complete online listing
  • SKYHUB Premium Feature Showcase
  • SKYLIFE Online data server
  • Connecting your home to 3000+ buyers per week in the GTA

Maximizing Returns & Measuring Gains:

  • Signature Services including Pricing & Staging
  • Premium Presentation and Listing
  • Complete SKYHUB 360 Marketing
  • Maximum Returns
  • All-inclusive Pricing

Searching for a Home? TRY SKYHUB HOME SEARCH.

  • Premium Home Search by SKYLIFE
  • Complete MLS Listing
  • Canada Wide Search Results
  • Take SKYHUB on the go with our Mobile APP!
  • Search, Save & Love

Presentation that Sells: The SKYLIFE Difference

Our in-house design team thrives to redesign your living space with a creative edge. We know presentation sells and have become familiar with the perfected buyers look needed to showcase any beautiful living space.

Along with our SKYLIFE Difference: we help concierge a complete makeover, from renovations to staging, cleaning, decorating and complete Listing and sale. We seek to maximize returns and provide a complete all-inclusive Real Estate trading experience.

The SKYLIFE Marketing

We at SKYLIFE thrives on exposure, recognition & understand Marketing. Our Realtor blogs, data hubs & Premium Servers – We believe It goes far beyond Presentations & Listings on MLS.

Our City Specific Realtors & Blogs.

We at SKYLIFE Real Estate group designate agents and teams based on their local city. Our agents work specifically on local deals ensuring all listings are managed and team evaluated with utmost care. Local realtor blogs & city promotions help us gain trust, knowledge & confidence in our local neighbourhoods.

We reach more buyers online

Our Signature SKYHUB Platform, Mobile APP & SKYLIFE city wide realtor blogs allow us to market properties exclusively to our premium hub. Our outreach allows us to target market to over 3000+ qualified and seeking buyers per week.

Our Premium Data Servers.

We take great pride in our SKYLIFE Network that has built our foundation and company structure. Our primary marketing network allow us to showcase, list & Trade properties faster and gain 3X more targeted exposure compared to other real estate teams and brokerages.

Target Buyers, Investors & Networking

Using our signature data hubs, and marketing platoforms we seek and network with foreign buyers, investors and specific property requests to ensure we are catering to all our client needs. Our large database of Investors & foreign clients enable us a constant marketing tool using SKYHUB.

Our Constant Model

We invest in our SKYLIFE Network that ensures our outreach and maximum exposure to attact as many potential buyers to our listings. We understand that more qualified showings produces more offers.